Multiplication Square Poster


Clearly presented multiplication square with times tables up to 12×12.

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12×12 multiplication square poster presented in clear muted colours which have been shown to aid focus and concentration, especially for autistic children. This poster can be used to help develop multiplication skills and knowledge of times tables. The numbers on this poster are written in the Open Dyslexic ( font to increase readability for dyslexic users.

This poster can be used as a reference to help learn times tables up to 12×12. By choosing two numbers to multiply along the top and the left of the grid, the result can be found where the row and column meet. Square numbers are shown in yellow, and there are many more patterns to be discovered!

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Large – A1 size – 59.4 × 84.1 cm, Small – A3 size – 29.7 × 42.0 cm


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